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Welcome to St. Irenaeus Catholic Church! We are a dynamic spiritual community of over 2,000 families flourishing in our faith through worship, learning, and service.

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Participate in meaningful and moving worship at St. Irenaeus! Our Pastor and ministers bring the Real Presence of Jesus Christ alive each Mass in the Readings and in the Eucharist. Your active participation will fill you with His grace and love, launching you into another week of service to your family, workplace, and community.

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Grow in Faith

Discover and grow in your faith at St. Irenaeus! We offer many classes and programs each week for children, teens, and adults – Religious Education, Confirmation preparation, the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults, Bible studies, prayer groups, and more!

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Expand your compassion and skills by serving with others at St. Irenaeus! We have the reputation as a dynamic, involved, and generous parish in our community. Making it convenient and easy for you, our staff and parish leaders offer a wide variety of service projects throughout the year. Join in!

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Seek God’s grace through the sacraments of initiation, healing, and mission! St. Irenaeus parish joyfully walks with you as you encounter Christ in Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, and Holy Orders.

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Get involved with others, like you, who see God as a priority in their life! St. Irenaeus hosts fun social events at least once a month for kids, teens, and adults. Enjoy some great conversation and maybe even make a new friend!

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Offer your talent and energy to build up the Kingdom of God, right here at St. Irenaeus! We have a vibrant team of parish leaders who are supported and encouraged by the Pastor and staff.

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Engage with other Catholic charities and Church organizations along with St. Irenaeus.

OCIMA 2016-2017 Report

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