Day Care and Life Skills Center

Just a few miles from Santa Elena, in the town of San Benito, another group of Dominican sisters provides a day care center for infants as young as four months, and preschoolers. It is a safe place for parents to leave their children while they work. There are also a Kindergarten and Primary School for first and second grade children and facilities where the sisters offer a two-year sewing program—a valuable skill for adult women to earn a decent wage. The sisters receive a nominal income from all these programs, but OCIMA provides the majority of the funding, which includes food, medicines, and building maintenance.

Since the pandemic, many parents have lost their jobs and children are required to “stay at home,” which means a loss of income for the sisters. The roofs of the buildings are in very bad condition and have been leaking in some areas for over a year—causing ceiling damage. They are no longer ‘repairable,’ so the sisters are getting an estimate for replacing the roof. Any funds that would have been available for repairs had to be diverted to provide food for the sisters, children and families in the neighborhood, so this is an area of great need.

This week, let us pray for the safety and health of the sisters and families; and that funds become available to make needed repairs. Please help support this ministry by making a sacrificial offering, which can be mailed directly to: OCIMA, P.O. Box 952, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0952.