Offer your talent and energy to build up the Kingdom of God, right here at St. Irenaeus! We have a vibrant team of parish leaders who are supported and encouraged by the Pastor and staff.

Parish Pastoral Council

Rayanne Gardner, Chairperson
248-373-7372 | Rayanne@Rayanne.com

The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of parish members that serves as a consultative body to the pastor.  It brings together the visions, hopes, and needs of the congregation and translates them into parish planning. The Parish Council also serves as a bridge between the many groups that operate within St. Irenaeus; each Commission within the parish briefs the Council on its various projects, and then communicates the Council’s activities back to the Commissions. See the bulletin for a list of current parish Pastoral Council members.

Parish Council 2020

Finance Council

Mark Gardner, Chairperson
248-373-7372| mark@mggardner.com

The Finance Council is comprised of active parish members acting in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, Parish Council and staff in the administration of the resources of the parish.  The Finance Council oversees all financial and administrative operations of the parish including the budget, normal operating expenses, capital repairs and improvements and plans for the long term stability of the parish.


Commissions and committees are comprised of parishioners who help plan, lead, and give life to the activities, events, and mission of our parish.  Any interested parishioner is welcome to attend meetings and get involved.

Full list of Commissions/Committees


Our staff is ready to assist you! Please contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or need a helping hand.

Staff Directory

Time and Talent Survey

Many of those who worship at St. Irenaeus also express their faith, skills, and creativity through volunteering and leading. Whether you have a couple of hours once-a-year or a few hours each week, you will find a myriad of opportunities through St. Irenaeus to serve fellow parishioners or folks in our community. Look over the Time & Talent survey – it’s the best way to let us know what you want to be involved in!

Time and Talent Survey

Leadership Resources


St. Irenaeus hosted its 5th annual Leadership Conference on September 10, 2017 – “Live It! Love It! Share It!”. Our sincere thanks to the many parish leaders who were able to attend this valuable workshop to improve our communication, planning, and sharing!

Here are links to some of the Parish Leadership Resources distributed at the conference and used throughout the year:

Bulletin Instructions and AdvertisingPolicy on Use of Church FacilitiesActivity Setup Request FormStandard Set Up for Parish Hall Parish Hall Floor PlanSt. I Kitchen PoliciesAccessing Maintenance and Financial SupportsToshiba Copier Policy Parish Website Guidelines

Unleash The Gospel

Synod ’16 Update – A New Coat of Arms:
A Visual Reminder of the Church’s Mission

Following Synod ’16, the culture, mission, and identity of
the Archdiocese of Detroit continues to undergo a major transformation. Coinciding with the release of Archbishop Vigneron’s Pastoral Letter, Unleash the Gospel, at the Pentecost Vigil Mass, was the unveiling of a new coat-of-arms for the Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD). This refresh reflects the boldness and creative energy of “joyful, missionary discipleship”.

The new coat-of-arms has a more modern look, with images of St. Anne (the patroness of the AOD), rippling water, three stars (representing the three persons of the one God), and an open Door. This crest replaces the previous gold-and-black seal which dates back to 1937, when the AOD was elevated to the status of an archdiocese. Archbishop Vigneron, a man who is very respectful of history and tradition, saw Synod ’16 as being a true marker in the life of our archdiocese. Therefore, the change symbolizes a major change in the life of our archdiocese, and to quote the Archbishop, “If we are launching into the new evangelization in this distinctive way our visual identity should respond to that.”

In the upcoming weeks, please watch the bulletin for further information regarding the Archbishop’s Unleash the Gospel Letter and the roles we are called to serve in this mission. In the meantime, please check out these resources:

The full Pastoral Letter, Coat-of-Arms, and a special video

The Vigil Homily

May God bless you and your family.

Susan Kowalski, Synod ‘16 Member