Catechetics Commission

Pat Egan-Myers, Chairperson
248-651-2443 x 115 |

The Catechetics Commission is called to support the staff in providing assistance in the programs sponsored in the parish; to ensure that the catechetics program is adequately funded; to be familiar with the goals and objectives of the religious formation of the children and the adults of the parish; to enliven the faith of the children, youth and adults of the parish through reflection on the scriptures, the sacraments and the ongoing teaching of the church.   The program calls the children, their families, and parishioners to join in prayer and celebration of the sacraments.  A third element of the program is to provide opportunities for the children and adults to reach out in mercy and justice to the poor and disadvantaged of the parish and other faith communities both here and abroad: to live, pray and act in the name of Jesus. The catechetical commission is particularly involved in offering programs for adults in the parish. In the past, we have hosted Fr. Tony Gittins, Megan McKenna, Fr. Joe Mannath and others.

Christian Service Commission

Eileen Ross, Chairperson
248-651-6798 |

The Christian Service Commission serves to educate, encourage and support the parish community in putting the social teaching of the Church into action.  The Commission creates and/or promotes, at the parish level, programs which strive to address human needs and achieve justice locally and in the broader communities of the Vicariate, Archdiocese, state, nation, and world.   It develops and trains new social ministry leaders and volunteers, and supports social ministry programs to meet the needs of the parish and community, linking with other parishes and/or community groups whenever possible.

Communications Committee

Dahlvin Peterson, Chairperson
248-652-8528 |

The Communications Committee’s primary purpose is to enhance effectiveness of all aspects of parish communications. Publish the quarterly newsletter “Together on HIS Path”, consider enhancements to the website, and explore avenues to publicize events in order to reach inactive parishioners.

Evangelization Committee

Tom Govern, Secretary
248-373-4675 |

The purpose of the Evangelization Committee is to establish and implement ways to broaden participation of parish members and invite inactive and non-Catholics to learn or re-learn Catholic teachings and practices of the Church.

Faith in Service Committee

Dave Teeter, Chairperson
248-377-2917 |

Faith in Service serves to assist and strengthen the parish family. Our primary function is to match information from parishioner surveys to parish needs using the Parishioner Time & Talent Survey. Over one-quarter of our parish families are involved in service. We are also reaching out to every parish family to facilitate a welcoming dialogue to help parishioners – and to offer an opportunity to have their voice heard. FIS is unique in that we directly support other parish groups.

Social Commission

Kate Kerlin, Co-Chairperson
248-651-4028 |

Rayanne Gardner, Co-Chairperson
248-373-7372 |

The Mission of the St. Irenaeus Social Commission is to plan and provide social events for members of the parish that allow the opportunity to meet with and enjoy each other’s company and to support the idea of community within the church family. The goal is to do 6-7 events throughout the year, for families, couples and/or children.

Worship Commission

Grayson Smith, Chairperson
248-818-0053 |

Oversee the preparation, functioning and evaluation of all liturgical ministries and sacramental functions such as: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Greeters, Altar Servers, Environment; Coordinate with Catechetics on Sacramental preparations; provide appreciation, awareness, catechesis and understanding of the liturgy, liturgical events and the liturgical year through various celebrations and prayer services; provide a sense of welcome and community at all liturgical services.