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Seniors 55 and up gather each month to welcome each other and promote fun, fellowship, a sense of community and spirituality.


  • Evening dinners with speaker or entertainment with themes such as International Night, Chili Night, St.  Patrick’s Day Dinner, Information Night and Cookout.
  • Luncheon with games and cards
  • Join the “Lunch Bunch” and try out local eateries
  • Field trips to theater, local point of interest, or Spiritual Center

You may enjoy being part of Senior Fellowship if you are interested in:

  • Meeting and sharing great conversation with your peers.
  • Sharing cards, games and social events, mass and outings with your fellow seniors.
  • Joining with seniors from St. Mary’s and St. Andrew’s for future events.
  • Renewing friendships with those you met at last year’s activities.
  • Using your creativity and skills to volunteer at a future event.

For more information, contact SF President Ron Melnik – (248) 650-8167